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Offering you luxury living, by land or by sea.  

The game of real estate can at times be a tricky one to navigate, and we here at Pettit Group are more than well-equipped and ready to deliver high quality, dedicated service and reliable solutions. We understand the importance of securing a beautiful environment and comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones, as we ourselves are first and foremost a family operated business. One with close to a century’s worth of combined experience in the industry, as well as an intimate understanding for the acquisition of lucrative investments with a strong return. Our personal belief in and dedication to the magnificent benefits of this remarkable region is clear. The office of Pettit Group is conveniently nestled in the heart of the Hope Island Marina and our own homes are within just a stone’s throw of it. We serve the community that we too are very much proud to be a part of.

Pettit Group aims to provide those seeking a magical and rewarding existence, the opportunity to open a door on not just a new home – but a brand-new world of wonders. Whether you are looking to invest, rent or develop – our expertise is as boundless as your imagination. And our ability to service exquisite areas such as; Hope Island, Sanctuary Cove, Monterey Keys, Santa Barbara, The Gold Coast, Robina and so much in between - is just as limitless. This is all undertaken utilising state-of-the-art technology and software, the latest market research methods, dynamic and immersive promotional strategies, and that personal touch of unique, friendly, approachable charm. With a finger on the pulse and an unshakeable code of ‘integrity first’, Pettit Group shall leave you with nothing short of a keen understanding, exemplary results, and the satisfaction of a well-made decision.


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