The Company Model

One of the major benefits of our company’s core being comprised of a family is that we operate as a singular, tight knit unit that shares the same goal of producing ultimate customer satisfaction. Our approach to business completely does away with the antiquated systems of “in-office competition”. We prefer instead to adopt more modern principles that maintain a lively, healthy atmosphere of collaboration and openness. This ensures that tasks are undertaken with well-measured techniques and several minds providing beneficial input. The method itself focuses on harnessing the specialized skill sets of our entire team, instead of a solo individual or pair, and aims to meet the best interests of our clients with customized strategies that suit their specific needs.


Yes, we are a boutique agency. So not only will you receive that warm “mom and pop pie-shop” welcome, but you’ll gain the benefit of us not being tied down to a set territory or jurisdiction. We do not face the dilemma of boundaries. Our physical reach spans from Brisbane all the way to Burleigh Heads! And through a diverse and innovative range of online methods, we are even able to source an array of interested parties from international regions. What our agency strives for, above all else, is to assist each and every client with the development and completion of their own real estate success stories.


Our Core Values

Through our innumerable undertakings, years of constructive communication, and formidable relationships with industry related affiliates – we have accrued an extensive amount of knowledge and experience we are only too willing to pass on.  What sets Pettit Group apart is that we;

  • Are extremely accurate in knowing the fine line between elevating the appeal and market value of a property, or over-capitalizing.
  • Have a well-trained eye for even the subtlest of details and hidden selling points that can be brought to the attention of purchasers and potential tenants.
  • Can map out the most effective marketing strategies and improvements a property owner can make, whilst remaining well within their budget.
  • Can impart you with the most reliable information of current and recent on-goings within the market - as well as shedding light on the social, political, and economic factors that may influence its behavior.
  • When the time comes, will make certain that you are well taken care of and have access to whatever specialist/s you may need. We can provide suggestions and setup all the necessary appointments for you.
  • Using our vast database, we can select from a range of professional and talented contractors (on call) to provide quotes and do the job brilliantly.


We warmly invite you to call upon our services so you may gain the result that leaves you unquestionably impressed.

If you’d like to meet with one of our friendly members of staff and further discuss the possibilities, please feel free to: Contact Us